What’s the scoop on Instagram?

As my good friends will tell you, I have become obsessed with a creative little application on my iphone that just happened to have been recently sold to Facebook for one billion dollars. Yowsa! I was already a fan of Instagram when the news broke and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the  sale doesn’t ruin a good thing. I have several feeds on the application, (Temptime, sfgenerations, MonroePersonnel)  but my main one is @silkshots. I have recently created a new @silk_moments feed for contests and shoutouts too. People post their photos to this feed by using the hashtag #silk_moments. When there is a photo that strikes me as particularly “silky” I post that photo to the whole list with my kudos. Silky is a subjective term and I’ve used it to describe everything from a smile, to a sunset to a delicious looking piece of pie.  You get the idea. The current contest is a match your caption to your photo contest. The best matched caption to photo will be announced this weekend.

Instagram is simple to use and very rewarding. It allows one to express one’s creativity through photography and instead of just filing away the photograph in a folder somewhere on your hard drive it is shared with people all around the world. I really enjoy following other people’s feeds and seeing life from their vantage point while learning about places around the globe. It also feels great when people comment favorably on a photo or click the like button.

Not so surprisingly, since I’ve been creating on Instagram, I’ve noticed I’ve found new ideas coming to me when I’m singing too. Inspiration begets inspiration begets inspiration… The circle of creativity is such a mysterious and wonderful adventure!

I have added an Instragram photo stream on the right of this article out a few of the current photos in my #silkshots stream.

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