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10 Tips for quickly relieving stress

This article includes some musical ideas!         By Sonia Choquette Let’s face it. Life is stressful. And […]

Chopping wood and carrying water

    I’m sipping a cup of candy-cane green tea and listening to Pandora’s holiday channel–a few moments of quiet […]

Keeping the renewal alive all year long

Has your summer brought you a sense of renewal? I was recently pondering ways to maintain the wonderful sense of […]

Three coins in a fountain

April and May in Italy and France was a painful experience because I just kept having to pinch myself to […]

Latest blog post –Not! Yes!

Dear friends, I don’t know how your month has gone but I know for me it’s been a mixture of moments […]

Traveling song

San Francisco, September 28, 2012 I’ve just returned from a marvelous trip to Europe. I brought back many souvenirs, including […]

What’s the scoop on Instagram?

As my good friends will tell you, I have become obsessed with a creative little application on my iphone that […]

A lovely little poem I came across whose author is unknown. Could be my personal credo.

If any little word of mine may make a life the brighter, if any little song of mine may make […]

Simple pleasures

We’ve just passed the Summer Solstice and summer is in full swing.  The longest days of the year are great […]

The craft of singing

I’m restoring my iphone right now and realizing how dependent many of my morning activities are on my phone and […]